Masonic Home for Children
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MHCO offers residential care services to children and families in several specific areas. Foremost among the many programs and services they offer are: Residential group care for children, pre-adolescents and adolescents with assistance to the resident in areas of reunification with birth families, re-socialization/behavioral change, preparation for adult living, academic remediation, and preparation for adoption. MHCO develops tasks tailored specifically for the family and individual resident during the placement process, which are reviewed and updated semi-annually. They also provide supplemental parenting for a resident while in care which will help the family “be a family” by becoming effective in parenting skills, role differentiation, accepting parental responsibilities, and nurturing, developing, and maintaining appropriate family/child ties and bonds. In addition, child and family counseling help the family with problems concerning separation, discipline, appropriate methods of discipline, structuring the home environment, among others. The Home acts as a referral service for families, other agencies, and the community at large; is an advocate for the child and family on the local, state, and national level; provides financial assistance for higher education; and continues to follow up with aftercare transition referrals and recommendations.

MHCO also offers an Independent Living Program (ILP) for young adults, ages 18-21, serving both males and females who are experiencing difficulty transitioning to adult life. The MHCO ILP provides support and guidance focusing on preparation for the youth to be successfully employed now and in the future and to continue their education. The services offered include individual assessments to determine independent living needs; case planning, staff support, guidance, and advocacy; counseling, training in daily living skills, and apartment living; assistance with furthering education, career planning, pre-vocational skills, and finding / retaining employment; establishing ongoing support networks; assistance with transitional planning; and limited aftercare and follow-up services based on type of need and availability


Central Children’s Home of North Carolina
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The mission of the Central Children’s Home is to provide family centered services via an appropriate period of residential group care for children and youth from age 9-21, who cannot remain at home due to dependency, neglect or abuse; by providing a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to their emotional, educational, social, spiritual and physical growth and development which promotes positive family functioning and/or independent living.

Program services and employee positions have been expanded to provide greater services to children and the community. In the area of program services a Service Plan Advisory Committee was established in 1985 to review all applications and to monitor the progress of individual service plans.

A Behavior Management Program based on a token economy was begun in December 1985 in conjunction with a weekly Behavior Management Team meeting to chart and review the daily and weekly progress of each student.

To improve program services delivery and the living environment for our children, staffing patterns were enhanced to include the following: Residential Life Supervisors, Student Development Specialist, Program Services Director, additional Residential Child Care Workers, Learning Lab Computer Proctor; and the implementation of several contracts with clinical psychotherapists; and a Plant Operations Foreman to effect repairs and maintain building, grounds and equipment.

The “Team Approach” to child care is currently used with our Social Work Staff acting as liason between our facility and the children’s parents or legal guardians. CCH’s Task-Oriented Services include: therapeutic counseling program; financial assistance for higher education; family clarification; supplemental parenting; and preparation for Independence